When I visualize a desert on the plate…

“When I visualize a desert on a plate, it’s an inside-out experience. I envision taking a bite of the desert-how does it taste? How does it feel in my mouth? The plating comes last, after I have figured out the flavor elements”. -Emily Luchetti


I Fret About Salads…

“I fret about salads: will I get a decent one or something thrown together by a novice? Most resturants mistakenly give the least-experienced cooks the job of dressing a salad, a skill that takes practice”. -David Tanis

GoChef logo


The new GoChef logo contest was a success! Received and accepted by a very talented contractor who we have already begun hiring for more related work. What do you think?


GoChefGoChef connects foodies with cooks in their community that love to prepare a variety of  fresh homemade meals everyday from the comfort of their own homes.

Here we will keep you posted on all news GoChef, thanks for joining us, GoEat!


  Today we acquired our GoChef.com domain from our good friends out in Spain. The process was seamless and we are very grateful for their belief and support.

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